How To Make A Wedding Planning Binder

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Classic Brown Sim Leather Day Planner Binder by Day Timer 1" | eBay

Classic Brown Sim Leather Day Planner Binder by Day Timer 1" | eBay
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... Brown Nylon Day Runner Planner Binder Fits Franklin Inserts | eBay

... Brown Nylon Day Runner Planner Binder Fits Franklin Inserts | eBay
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Wedding Planning Binder | DIY Library Bride

Every time I have gone to a bookstore in the past few months (cough cough *Barnes and Noble* cough cough) I have found myself overwhelmed by the wedding section to the point where I have to leave. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to wedding planning binders! How does anyone make a decision. On top of the twenty or so options there is the shock of the cost; not a single planner was under twenty dollars! I simply could not bring myself to buy a binder knowing that I have all of the materials I need at home to make a personalized version (except a printer) with all the information I need on the internet.

Thus began my journey to find the best information on the internet to create my very own wedding planner. The best resource I found was this extraordinarily detailed printable planner.

The second resiurce I used was in combination with a library book I picked up titled “How to e-plan your wedding” they have tons of online pdfs of the forms in the book. The only problem is that it is protected by a password that comes in the book and I really can’t give it out. I highly reccommend checking your library for this book however because it is FANTASTIC!

We bought a printer the other day (our first wedding purchase!) And the first thing I did was begin to print out the planner pi3ces that I needed.

Source: DIY Library Bride

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  • vanessa

    What is a good Wedding planning binder?

    I am looking to buy a wedding planning binder, there seems to be so many out there. I dont know what one would be the best. Any tips,idea, links, anything will help! Thanks!

    Honestly, all the binders I found in the store and online just didn't cut it. I bought a plain old expanding accordion folder and some 3-tab folders. I also bought some pretty labels to make the sections prettier, but that was utterly unnecessary on my part. I wrote categories like Budget, Dress, Hair, Bridesmaid Dresses, Groomsmen Tuxes, Ceremony Venue, Reception Venue, Invitations, Caterer, Music, Cake, Photographer, Florist, Honeymoon, etc. on each of the tabs and just stuffed all my information in there as I received it. As time went on, I found myself making categories for things I had never even thought about before. It was a thousand times easier than trying to work with the pre-fabricated "organizers." Those things frustrated me to no end, and just didn't contain everything that I needed anyway! If you go this route, buy a folder bigger than you think you'll need. The one I am using is currently 4.5 inches thick, and I'm not done planning yet!

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    How to make a wedding binder - the easy step by step guide
    How to make a wedding binder - the easy step by step guide
    How to make a wedding binder - the easy step by step guide
    How to make a wedding binder - the easy step by step guide
    How to make a wedding binder - the easy step by step guide

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