Choosing The Perfect Maid Of Honor Gift

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    I don't even know exactly which day of the month they were married, even though I attended and sometimes served as maid of honor at their weddings. Maybe some of the married nuts out .. It's great for fighting off depression, you can do it daily on

Perfect Maid of Honor Gift Mini Ornaments Assortment Etched Acrylic ...

Perfect Maid of Honor Gift Mini Ornaments Assortment Etched Acrylic ...
Image by

Maid of Honor Wedding in 7 Colors | Personalized Picture Frame for 4x6 ...

Maid of Honor Wedding in 7 Colors | Personalized Picture Frame for 4x6 ...
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Maid of Honor Wedding in 7 Colors Personalized Picture Frame for 4x6 ...

Maid of Honor Wedding in 7 Colors Personalized Picture Frame for 4x6 ...
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Good Friends and Bad Bridesmaid Dresses - The Goddess Blogs

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On October 1 , I have a novella coming out, The Bridesmaid .  It is about two people who must get to Seattle for Important Events:  He, the job of a lifetime, and she, a wedding, in which she is the maid of honor.  But the Blizzard of the Century forces these two together in a race against time and the elements across the country, which would be bad enough.  But she is hampered with an ugly, poufy bridesmaid dress that was unpackable, and is in a pink garment bag that looks like a big, Pepto-bismal balloon.

Many years ago, I was flying back from Seattle with two ENORMOUS oranges bought from the market there, and as luck would have it, there was a blizzard.  I was routed all over the United States, and I had to carry those two oranges.  They were so damn heavy I finally lost them in Indianapolis or some such place.  I cannot imagine trying to change planes, trains, and automobiles with an ugly bridesmaid dress.

What is it about weddings that seem to twist up completely reasonable women and have them choose the ugliest thing they can find?  I did it.  Imagine the pink dress in green.  Granted, it was the 80s, but still–I made my sisters wear that dress in green.  I am sorry, sisters.  But one of you owes me for the tangerine number with the empire waistline and the big floppy hat you made ME wear.

I had a cousin who had the bridesmaid dresses with the parasols that they carried with them, but did not open.  I would like to ask her why, but she is still kind of sensitive about it, so I don’t.  I attended a wedding in New York once where the bridesmaids showed so much cleavage you expected them to break into a dance number and rip the skirts off.  They didn’t.

Congrats on the upcoming release, Julia! Love your post. Have always found the subject of bridesmaids’ dresses fascinating. Probably because we don’t have such custom in our country. Here “the bride doesn’t provide” and the bridesmaids get to wear whatever they like. I love it. Because bridesmaids’ dresses remind me too much of... Source: The Goddess Blogs

  • jamice_15

    What is the perfect gift to buy a young couple getting married this year in August?

    I am the maid-of-honor and the bride is my bestest friend in the world.I am also the god-mother of the bride's daughter.So what is a great gift that I could get for them but not expensive or too cheasy.

    Choose how much you want to spend. A good rule of thumb is spend as much on them as you would on a nice dinner for yourself and a date if they are friends. Double or even triple that if you are family or in the wedding. Look on their registries (you can usually find them if you do a search on Buy something small that you can then use to create a theme: for example, if they registered for a cookbook holder, buy that and then get something creative,active, and fun that relates to their interests, like cooking lessons.

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